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Heritage Heads UP – Dec 1, 2017

Heritage Parents and Students,

December has arrived, this year continues to roll on much faster than I seem to be able to cope with. However, looking back I am proud with what our teachers and students have accomplished so far and look forward to what we will accomplish through the remainder of the school year. December is certainly a fun time to be at an elementary school. There is an excitement and magic in the air that is almost palpable.

As a school we have a goal for reading minutes that I wanted to encourage you to continue to work on at home. Our school wide goal is to read at home for 1,500,000 minutes this year. We are progressing towards accomplishing this goal. After October reading minutes were turned in we were near 400,000 minutes as a school. The students earned a Dance Party and will enjoy that during lunch next Friday (12/8). We have other benchmark incentives for our students to earn and we hope to accomplish our goal prior to May 2018. Please keep reading at home, this is truly one of the most important gifts you can give your child. I have a few other gift recommendations for your little learner as you prepare for Christmas this year.

  1. Boxed Set of Beloved Books. Does your child have a favorite series? Make sure he or she will be able to read every word of the adventures by presenting him or her with a boxed set of books. 
  2. Crafty Coloring Books. Coloring books are another form of storytelling. Your child can use crayons or markers to render what’s going on in the picture, which nurtures imagination.
  3. Word of the Day Calendar. Keep track of the date and improve vocabulary at the same time with a Word of the Day calendar. Another, newer option is a Magnetic Poetry calendar, which comes with a magnetic board and a word bank for creating poetry. Both foster a love for words, and in turn, reading.
  4. Magazine Subscription Surprise. Support your child’s interests by giving a gift that will last for a whole year: a subscription to a magazine. With so many publications available on everything from sports, nature, fashion, current events, and more, it’ll be a snap to find one that she’ll look forward to every month.
  5. Personalized Journal or Diary. Add a fun writing pen, and unlock your child’s imagination. Journals encourage personal writing and doodling, and help develop ideas and opinions. Plus, the more your child writes, the more she’ll want to read!
  6. Boredom-Busting Activity Books. Exercise your child’s brain with crossword puzzles, word finds, Sudoku, or MadLibs when he’s stuck indoors during the blustery winter season. He’ll improve his spelling, vocabulary, and interest in exploring books!

These are just a few ideas for gifts that foster and encourage a love of reading!

Remember make all day, every day attendance the norm! We really miss your students when they are absent, tardy or are checked out early.

Thanks for your support! Please contact me directly with any questions, compliments, concerns, or suggestions!

Adam Baker (Principal)  |  435-628-4427  |

Looking Ahead: (

  • Dec 11 – Early Release PLC (1:15 Friday Schedule)
  • Dec 20 – 2:30 School Sing-a-long
  • Dec 21 – Christmas Break Begins
  • Jan 3 – Teacher Prep Day
  • Jan 4 – 1st Day of School 2018

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