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March Madness

Heritage Roadrunners!

Thanks for your participation in SEP Conferences last week. As a school we value parents as a critical partner in the education of our students. I hope you found value in visiting our school and spending time in your child’s classroom. Let’s continue to work together!

March is a busy time here at Heritage. This week is our annual Heritage Leadership Night. It will be Thursday, March 7 beginning at 6pm. Plan now to attend! You’ll see amazing artwork, participate in meaningful learning activities, enjoy dinner together and every student will take home a free book to add to their personal library. CLICK HERE for more information!

JOB OPENING – Heritage Elementary is currently looking to fill a vacancy for a part time paraprofessional in the SPED department. Please visit the WCSD Website for more information and to apply! (https://www.washk12.org/district-jobs)

Shout Out to Heritage Teachers! Woot Woot!! I am impressed daily by the outstanding teachers here at Heritage. They work tirelessly to create meaningful learning opportunities for your students. I admire them greatly. I believe we’ve got the very best here at Heritage and I love to rub shoulders with them each day! 

Thanks for your continued support!

Adam Baker (Principal)  |  435-628-4427  |  adam.baker@washk12.org

Looking Ahead: (https://heritage.washk12.org/calendar/)

  • March 6 – 4th Grade ZNP Field Trip (Sewell & Olmstead)
  • March 6 – 2:30 5th Grade Maturation Program
  • March 6 – 7pm PTA Meeting
  • March 7 – 4th Grade ZNP Field Trip (Nixon & Osness)
  • March 7 – 6pm Heritage Leadership Night (Flyer)
  • March 8 – 9:30~10:30am 5th Grade Wax Museum
  • March 11~15 – SPRING BREAK No School
  • March 21 – 11am 1st Grade ZOO
  • March 25 – Early Release PLC (1:15 dismiss)

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Important Events – 2/19/19

February 19, 2019

Heritage Students and Parents,

There are a number of events happening here at Heritage that I would like to share.

#1 – SEP Online Scheduler – The parent window will close on Wednesday at midnight. Please log in to the system and create your preferred appointment time ASAP. The link and parent instructions can be found at our school website: https://heritage.washk12.org

#2 – DHS Little League Wrestling Clinic – BEGINS TODAY!! For more information: CLICK HERE 

#3 – Internet Safety Parent Information Night – Feb 21 @ 6:30pm DSU Cox Auditorium – Collin Kartchner & Katey McPherson helping parents understand the dangers of social media and how to help their children use the internet safely. For more information: CLICK HERE

#4 – Social and Emotional Learning Survey (Grades 3-5) – As a district we’ve begun to recognize and value social and emotional learning with our students. To collect baseline data on how our students are doing our district has asked our students in grades 3-5 to participate in a survey. Included in this email is a copy of a parent letter as well as the survey questions for our students. If you have concerns or would like to exclude your student from participating please contact me directly.  Parent Letter  |  Survey Questions

I knew one day I would have to send an email like this and I count myself fortunate to have been able to work at Heritage for this long. Every few years the WCSD School Board rotates principals and this year I am among the principals being rotated. I will be moving to Crimson View Elementary with a start date of March 18, 2019. 

Heritage Elementary will be in good hands with the new principal, Amy Wilcox. She has been the principal at Coral Cliffs Elementary for the past 9 years. She is a strong principal and has many talents. I have known her to build rapport with parents, faculty, and students. She is also creative when making decisions that will impact student achievement. I believe you will find her to be compassionate, kind, and very sensitive to the needs of each one of our learners and families. I am sure you will grow to love her!

I appreciate the support and love I have felt as I have worked at Heritage these past six years. I have had so many amazing experiences and developed friendships with many of you that will always touch my heart. Your children have been such a wonderful part of my life and I treasure each one of them. I will always be grateful for Heritage and the many memories and experiences that I have had here. Heritage will always hold a special place in my heart.

Please give a warm welcome to Mrs. Wilcox and carry on as you always do! Heritage is a fabulous school and I hope it will always remain that way.

Adam Baker | 435-628-4427 | adam.baker@washk12.org

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Family Week & SEP Conferences

Heritage Families,

This is an exciting week here at Heritage, it is our annual PTA Family Week. Below is a quick rundown of the fun!

  • Monday – Family Fun Night, check out the attached list and make some memories and have some fun!
  • Tuesday – Grandparent Show & Tell, an enjoyable time for our students to learn from the wonderful experience of grandparents.
  • Wednesday – Family Picnic, come enjoy a fun lunch with your student, be sure to check the adjusted lunch schedule times.
  • Thursday – Valentine’s Day, our students will be enjoying classroom parties and fun activities throughout the day.
  • Friday – Parents & Pastries, start your day out with a donut and chocolate milk with your student.
  • Family Week Handout: English | Spanish

Also coming up are our next SEP Conferences. These will be scheduled the final week of the month (Feb 25 thru March 1). These conferences are such a wonderful opportunity for you to meet with your child’s teacher and receive updates on your student’s learning progress and current levels of achievement. Please take a moment now to schedule your conference appointment. CLICK HERE to go to the online scheduler website. Our password is still “roadrunners”. Parent instructions can be found here.

Thanks for your continued support of Heritage. Our exceptional teachers and staff care deeply about your student. This is an exciting time of year because we are able to see some exciting learning and progress and we can’t wait to share with you.

Adam Baker | Principal | 435-628-4427 | adam.baker@washk12.org

Looking Ahead:

  • Feb 11~15 – PTA Family Week (CLICK HERE)
  • Feb 11~20 – Online Scheduler Open for Parents (CLICK HERE)
  • Feb 14 – Valentine’s Day
  • Feb 15 – End of 2nd Trimester
  • Feb 18 – President’s Day NO SCHOOL
  • Feb 21 – FREE Parent Night “Unplug from Social Media” (More Info)
  • Feb 25~Mar 1 – SEP Conference Week (Dismiss at 1:15)
  • March 1 – Roadrunner Rally & Habit 5 Assembly
  • March 6 – PTA Meeting (7pm)
  • March 7 – Heritage Leadership Night (6:30pm)
  • March 11~15 – Spring Break NO SCHOOL

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Community Events

Parents & Guardians,

There are two events coming up that I’ve been asked to share with you. I support and encourage your participation in these events. However, it is completely up to you and your family whether or not you choose to participate.

Event #1Youth Track Meet Fundraiser at PVHS for Lexi Vaipae – Each year Pine View High School selects a family with a unique need and rallies around them with various events and fundraisers. This year all proceeds will go to the Vaipae Family. The PVHS Track Team is sponsoring a Youth Track meet open to all students in grades K-8. The event will be held on Feb 7 with registration beginning at 4:15pm at the PVHS Track. Participants can participate in various track and field events, with a $1 fee per event.

What – Youth Track Meet Fundraiser for Lexie Vaipae (Information Flyer)

When – Thursday, Feb 7, 2019
Where – Pine View HS Track (2850 East 750 North – St. George, UT 84790)
Time – 4:30pm (registration starts at 4:15)
Who – K-8th grade
Cost – $1 per event (all proceeds donated to the Vaipae family)

Event #2 – Dixie High School Cheer Clinic – Feb 6 & 7 from 4:30-5:30 practice, then a performance during half time on Friday, Feb 8 of the Dixie High School Boys Basketball game. See flyer for complete information. (DHS Cheer Clinic Flyer)

Keep reading 20 minutes each and every day with your student. As a school we are nearing 800,000 minutes read so far this year. That is pretty amazing! I also need to continue to push for “On time, All day” attendance. Actually being here at school is critical to help your child reach their maximum growth and potential. Please do everything in your power to make sure that your child is on time and stays for the duration of the day as much as possible.

Adam Baker (Principal)  |  435-628-4427  |  adam.baker@washk12.org

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Jan/Feb Update

Heritage Families!

How about that!? We’re almost done with January. This sure is a busy time here at Heritage. Our students typically begin a new calendar year by really making some big strides academically. From our younger students really beginning to take off with reading and our older students mastering fractions and long division, January is an important month for learning.

One of our important measures for reading progress is DIBELS. Three times a year each of our students participates in a benchmark assessment on DIBELS. Additionally, our teachers progress monitor our students for growth in between the benchmark measures. We have recently completed our middle of year (MOY) benchmark. It is exciting to be able to measure the progress of our students and see that so many have many significant academic gains in reading. Please continue to read for at least 20 minutes every day. This will help us reach our school goal of 1.5 million minutes read this year as well as help your student to continue to progress and grow as a reader!

We are collecting BoxTops right now! Please remember to send those into our school! When your child turns those into the office they will get a treat! So keep on clipping and sending them into school. Thanks so much for your participation!

There are many great events coming up, check the website (https://heritage.washk12.org) and your child’s backpack, it is amazing what can sometimes be found in a backpack!

Thanks for your continued support!

Adam Baker | adam.baker@washk12.org  |  435-628-4427

Looking Ahead: (https://heritage.washk12.org/calendar)

  • Feb 1 – Roadrunner Rally and Habit 4 Assembly (4th Grade)
  • Feb 4 @ 3pm – School Community Council Mtg
  • Feb 6 – 5th Grade Tonaquint Tour and Orientation
  • Feb 6 @ 7pm – PTA Meeting
  • Feb 11~15 – PTA Family Week (More information to come!)
  • Feb 18 – President’s Day NO SCHOOL

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December Roadrunner Update

Heritage Families,

Can you believe that Christmas is nearly here and it will be 2019 before we know it!? I hope that each one of you are enjoying this wonderful time of year. It certainly is a little more cheery and exciting here at school. Today we had our Roadrunner Rally with our Habit Leaders and Academic Leaders from each classroom being cheered on as they ran through our hallways! I love to celebrate our students and the great things they are accomplishing here at our school.

Lately I’ve noticed that we’ve had more tardies than normal as well as many students being checked out early. Please remember our goal for On Time ALL Day attendance. Being here on time and staying all day is so important for your child’s academic well being. As I’ve stated previously, our teachers are dedicated professionals who strive to plan and make every minute count in your child’s day. Please do all you can to have your child here on time each day. Additionally, please do all you can to have your child remain at school through the final bell each day.

REMINDER: Next Monday, December 10, we will be an early release PLC day (we will follow our Friday schedule in Kindergarten and grades 1-5 will dismiss at 1:15). These days are important for teachers and are used to attend trainings and grow professionally. This Monday our teachers will use the time at Heritage to work on building safety, as well as helping build expertise in handling various behavior challenges that may arise in their classrooms or at our school.

Thanks for all the support you provide your student and our school. I love working with your children, it is so rewarding to learn and laugh with them each day!

Wishing each of you the very best this Holiday season!

Adam Baker (Principal)  |  435-628-4427  |  adam.baker@washk12.org

Looking Ahead:

  • Dec 10 – Early Release PLC (Dismiss at 1:15)
  • Dec 11 – 6pm Heritage Strings Concert (Heritage Gym)
  • Dec 17 – Snowman Day
  • Dec 18 – Christmas Sweater Day
  • Dec 19 – PJ or Whoville(Grinch) Day
  • Dec 19 – 9:30 School Sing-a-long
  • Dec 20~Jan 2 – Christmas Break NO SCHOOL
  • Jan 3 – Back to School – Welcome to 2019

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November Update – 3 Important Items

Hello Heritage Families,

Welcome to November and chilly mornings! We’ve completed our first trimester of the school year and our first SEP conference is coming up next week. That brings us to:

  • Item #1 – SEP Conference & Health Fair – please take a few seconds to register for an SEP time before Wednesday, November 7 at midnight, the parent scheduling window will close at that time. You can easily register by visiting our website – CLICK HERE or by calling our office at 628-4427. Additionally, I would encourage everyone to register for an appointment on Wednesday, November 14 – we are having a Health and Community resource fair at Heritage on that day that is open to EVERYONE. From free kids haircuts to a vast array of health resources, there will be something for everyone. The health fair will be available and open to all to help educate regarding resources available in our local community. (Heritage Health Fair Flyer: English  |  Spanish)
  • Item #2 – Coins for Kids Christmas Help

If you need assistance with Christmas this year, please see our school counselor, Emily Sharp, before the Thanksgiving break (11/20) for a referral letter to KONY Coins for Kids. The counselor will provide you with additional instructions.

If you are interested in volunteer and/or donation opportunities, please visit this website http://www.coinsforkids.net


Si necesitas asistencia para la Navidad este año, por favor vea al consejero de la escuela antes de las vacaciones de Acción de Gracias (Noviembre 20, 2018) para conseguir una carta de referencia. El consejero de la escuela le dará instrucciones adicionales. 

Si tu estas interesado/a en ser voluntario/a o en oportunidades para donar, por favor visite este website http://www.coinsforkids.net

  • Item #3 Absences and Tardies – Remember our goal of ALL day EVERY day attendance. Do all you can to get your child here on time each and every day. Our teachers work tirelessly to create and prepare lessons and learning activities that will challenge and engage our students and many teachers begin those activities as soon as our announcements are over each morning. Additionally, school dismisses at 3:30 most days and at 1:15 on early release days. As much as possible appointments and other conflicts should be scheduled after our release time. Thank you!

I look forward to seeing each of you during our SEP week!

Adam Baker (Principal)  |  435-628-4427  |  adam.baker@washk12.org

Looking Ahead:

  • Nov 6 – Election Day – Don’t forget to VOTE
  • Nov 6 – 4th Grade Field Trip (Staheli Farm)
  • Nov 7 – 5th Grade Field Trip (Sound of Music @ DHHS)
  • Nov 7 – PTA Meeting 7pm
  • Nov 7 – Online Scheduler parent window closes at midnight
  • Nov 12 – Veterans Day Assembly & 5th Grade Marching in Veterans Day Parade
  • Nov 12~Nov 16 – Early Release SEP Conferences
  • Nov 14 – FREE Health & Community Resource Fair (Flyer: English  |  Spanish)
  • Nov 21~23 – NO SCHOOL Thanksgiving Break

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Fall 2018 – SEP Conferences

SEP Conferences will be the held the week of November 12 thru the 16. Students in grades 1st thru 5th will dismiss at 1:15 the entire week (11/12~11/16). There will be NO kindergarten on Monday and Tuesday for SEP Conferences. Kindergarten students will resume school on Wednesday and follow the early release schedule for the remainder of the week.

This year we are excited to be hosting a FREE Family Health Fair at our school on Wednesday, November 14 from 1:30 to 7:00pm. I strongly encourage each family to make their best effort to schedule their SEP Conference on this day so they can take advantage of this great event. Families and community members may attend this event whether they have an SEP scheduled on this day or not so help spread the word! (Health Fair Information)

The scheduling window for parents is now open (and will be until midnight on Nov 7th). Please click the logo below to go to the Online Scheduler website. Additionally, step-by-step instructions are also available by clicking the link below (the school password is “roadrunners“). We hope that you will take the time to schedule and attend your SEP conference with your child. As parents, students, and teachers we must all work together to ensure the BEST education for your child! Thanks for your continued support of Heritage Elementary!

online scheduler logo

CLICK HERE for Online Scheduler Parent Instructions.

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Oct 2018 – Parent Night

We had our first parent night of the year last night. It was well attended and full of great information. Our School Counselor Mrs. Emily Sharp presented on local community resources that are available to help our students and their families. Everything from food, clothing, housing, health care, and other types of needs that are students and their families face were presented. CLICK HERE to view the presentation from Mrs. Sharp.

Additionally, Mrs. Webb and Mrs. Bundy shared with parents about the Move This World program that we are participating in this year. This program is a very brief part of each morning as our students start the day and again a brief moment at the end of the day with each of our classes. At the beginning of the day students watch videos about handling their emotions and working well with others. If you hear about “emogers” or the “emotional ABCs” from your student, that is all part of this program. We believe that our students have enjoyed participating and are learning about themselves and how to appropriately handle their emotions.

We look forward to many more informative parent nights as the year progresses.

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Heritage Halloween Info – 2018

2018 Heritage Halloween Information (Grades 1-5):

Halloween is a fun, exciting, and fairly crazy day at school. We anticipate having a great time together with our students on this day.

This year we are adjusting our Halloween plans a bit from what we’ve traditionally done in the past. Instead of a morning costume parade, we’re moving that to the afternoon. Here’s a quick rundown of the day along with some costume guidelines.

Morning (before lunch) – “normal” day with fun Halloween related learning activities.

After lunch students will have an opportunity to change into costumes and participate in classroom parties and other fun Halloween activities.

2:30 Costume Parade – Parents and family can best view our costume parade at rear of building. The parade will zigzag across the playground. The costume parade will conclude at approximately 3:10pm and parents will have the option to take their student(s) home with them at that time or have their student stay at school and dismiss at the regular time (3:30pm).

School Costume Guidelines:

  • Students should bring their costume to school and will have an opportunity to change into their costume after lunch
  • Keep the school costume as simple as possible ~ remember NO masks, NO weapons, NO extreme gore, NO immodest costumes (WCSD Policy 2200)
  • Students should be able to change into the costume with minimal help (practice at home)
  • Students should be able to use the bathroom without any help

2018 Información para el Día de Brujas en Heritage Elementary:

El Día de Brujas es un día divertido, emocionante y bastante loco en la escuela. Esperamos tener un gran tiempo junto con nuestros estudiantes en este día.

Este año vamos a cambiar nuestros planes un poco de lo que hemos hecho en lo pasado. En vez de tener un desfile de disfraces por la mañana, lo haremos en la tarde. Esto es el horario y algunas pautas sobre los disfraces.

Por la mañana (antes de almuerzo) – Un día normal con actividades divertidas de aprendizaje relacionado con el Día de Brujas.

Después de almorzar, los estudiantes tendrán la oportunidad de ponerse sus disfraces y participar en fiestas en sus clases y otras actividades divertidas.

2:30 Desfile de Disfraces – Padres y otros familiares pueden pasar por atrás del edificio para ver el desfile. El desfile pasará por el patio de recreo. El desfile de disfraces terminará como a las 3:10 y los padres pueden llevarlos a sus hijos si quieren hacerlo. Los demás estudiantes quedarán en sus clases hasta las 3:30 pm.

Pautas para disfraces en la escuela:

➔    Los estudiantes deben traer sus disfraces y tendrán la oportunidad de ponérselo después del       almuerzo.

➔    Los disfraces deben ser lo más simple posible – Recuerde NO máscaras, NO armas, NO demasiado sangre, NO disfraces inmodestos. (Política del Distrito Escolar 2200

➔    Los estudiantes deben poder ponerse su disfraz por ellos mismos (pueden practicar en casa).

➔    Los estudiantes deben poder usar el baño sin ayuda.


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Contact Information

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